Autumn Daytrip in Nami Island

Daytrip Guide to Nami Island

In traveling, there will always be a couple of hits and misses. You’ll unexpectedly find yourselves alone sitting in a quaint café because the one on your list is too crowded and loving it, a strike on your ‘hit-o-meter’. You’re standing on the bus stop for 20 minutes then you suddenly craved for coffee; you decided to run to the closest coffee shop to get your fix, you missed your bus but you had your coffee.

The biggest strike on our ‘miss-o-meter’ when we traveled to South Korea last year was Nami Island. Known to have one of the greatest autumn vistas, we saved it on the later part of the trip. You know saving the best for last kinda thing. Because of it, we’ve missed our most-anticipated foliage, Lol. But being trained to always see the glass half-full, we’ve decided to be grateful and enjoy the remnants of our scarlet and copper dreams.


When we arrived, not just the foliage has passed but the weather is nowhere near good. Seems like our optimism was being put into a test. It’s cloudy, it’s gloomy and its melancholy, then there’s rain showers.  What do we do in situations like this? Feb would simply crack a joke, then we laugh out loud, then we find coffee, then we freak out. Like the loons that we are, we try to regroup while freaking out. You know the feeling when you’re so stressed you’re calm? Thank goodness for that cafe in Naminara Hotel for they have luscious coffee that fixes everything, and they have this view;




Autumn is somewhat still alive! when the rain subsides, excitedly, we’ve rented bikes and went to tour the island. It was nothing short of wonderful! The melancholy feels just added to its charm.img_0072





One of the most recommended daytrip from Seoul, some even says they’ve visited South Korea for this reason alone (though let me say, there are lot more things to see in South Korea aside from Nami, but whatever floats your boat, right?:)) you’ll find here locals and tourist alike, basking in autumn’s afterglow.



Did you know that Namiseom or Naminara Republic has declared it’s cultural independence from Republic of Korea? Yes dear, they even have their own diplomatic and cultural policies. Wiki says it gathers around 3 million visitors per year including 1 million tourists from overseas. Woah.



Feb and her bicycle which brings back lots of childhood memories.



Tip: Last week of October to first week of November prolly are your best bets in autumn foliage viewing in Nami. These photos were taken on the last week of November 2016.

Directions: Take taxi or shuttle bus from Gapyeong Station to Namiseom. From the wharf, you can either take the ferry or the zipwire to the island.
Admission Fees: 8,000 won for foreigners and 10,000 won for locals.


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