Autumn Hiking Guide to Namsan Park

Hiking Guide To Namsan Park

I need beautiful places; my soul craves them as my lungs oxygen.
We fell for Seoul on the first whisk of autumn air from the airport, we fell harder on the first sight of fallen yellow ginkgo leaves on the pavements, we fell even more while walking inside secret garden, but men, when we set-foot on the Namsan hiking trail, we were a goner.

On our visit to Namsan last year, we’ve caught a glimpse of autumn foliage below through the glass of a cable car. This year, I told Feb we should hike instead and be grateful for there is a hiking trail, for it will allow us to see more of nature’s beauty. Being her poker-faced-typical-bitchy-self, she told me to stop being so overtly dramatic. Tough luck for her I’m older so I make the final decisions, lol, thus, we hiked and her tough luck isn’t tough luck after all since the Namsan trail is in its pure, unadulterated autumn glory!


Namsan is the largest park in Seoul attracting 20,000 visitors a day, that’s a lot of people wanting to get a little slice of nature in the middle of an urban city. Some might say Namsan is more of a sightseeing activity than a serious hike, for a fitness-deprived person like me, it is a sightseeing activity that includes a year worth of workouts.


I’m not even taking about the summit, we know what to expect on the summit, and we’ve seen it before. The N-Seoul Tower and the ever-popular locks of love didn’t appeal to us this time as much as it did the first time, our goal this time is to witness the most spectacular panoramic views of downtown Seoul that can only be seen along the hike up. We weren’t disappointed.

Feb was shookt (I tend to use this millennial term a lot, lol) she was skeptical at first but as we go along all I hear from her are the clicks of her camera, heavy breathing, her occasional command of ‘strike a pose over there!’ and her frequent request of ‘take a picture of me in here, there and everywhere’. I asked her if she isn’t tired, she said exhaustion is nothing when you’re walking through perfection. Ha!

We’ve had our much-needed coffee break when we reached the peak. N Seoul tower the second-highest observation deck in Seoul has a pretty vast collection of café’s, shops and restaurants. Fast forward to our hike down. Instead of taking the same route going up, we followed the road the tour buses use on our way down.

Splendor every step of the way. Everybody needs to see this kind of beauty once; this will surely change some perspective in life.

Directions: Go out exit #2 or 3 of Myeong-dong Station on Seoul Subway Line 4. Walk towards Lila Elementary School for approximately 10 minutes to reach the cable car station. From the cable car station parking lot turn left and walk for about 50 meters. The hiking stairs are located across the street.

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