Train to Busan – How to Purchase KORAIL Pass

How to Buy Korail Pass

Feb and I finally went to visit Busan for a quick getaway of 1 night and 2 days last autumn. Probably too short to explore all of amazing places Busan can offer, but just right amount of time to appreciate the perfect juxtaposition of its vibrant villages, glossy skyscrapers and quaint shorelines.

KTX Trains’ being the fastest and most convenient way to travel is the most favored mode of transportation when going to Busan from Seoul. Globally referred to as Train to Busan (as popularized by a movie of the same name) Feb and I were really looking forward on the train ride, zombies or no zombies.
There’s always an option to buy one-way tickets online (round trip is not available) for around KRW 56,000. But that’s a-little-too-expensive for budget travelers like us. Thus, we’ve decided on KORAIL pass to save up on the fare.


KORAIL Pass is a rail pass that will allow foreigners to take almost all trains operated by KORAIL while visiting Korea; same as JR pass of Japan and Eurail pass of Europe. Yes, it includes KTX, our Train to/from Busan. We’ve purchased ours weeks before our travel to South Korea. Though the process of purchasing the passes and booking seats might look confusing, it’s actually pretty straightforward and easy-peasy. Here let me guide you through the steps:


Step 1. Types of Passes and Prices
Go to KORAIL website’s About Page to check the type and prices of passes that meets your needs.
For our 1N2D trip, since we are 2 passengers, we’ve booked Savers 2-days Flexi Pass.

How to Buy Korail Pass

Step 2. Purchasing the Pass
Move to the website’s Reservation Page and enter all the necessary information (i.e.; type of pass, type of passenger, date of travel and personal info such as passenger’s name, passport numbers, email and password – to be used to access your booking), then pay for it by credit card. Once the pass is issued, take a print out and move to the next step.

How to buy korail pass

For our Savers 2-days Flexi Pass, we’ve paid around KRW 182,000 (2 pax) almost 50K cheaper than the normal one-way train tickets.

Step 3. Train Tickets and Seat Reservation
Ticketing and seat reservation can be done thru the website and train stations:
– Bring your passport and KORAIL pass print outs to Seoul/Busan Stations ticketing booths. Inform the teller of your travel dates and they will reserve your seats and issue your tickets. OR
– Go to My Reservation Page of the website to reserve your seats. Enter your reservation information (i.e.; email and password or KORAIL pass number) then, select the date, train, route and seat number. Print out the tickets and viola! You’re good to go.
How To Buy Korail Pass

Screen Cap of our 2-days Flexi Korail Pass

How to Buy Korail Pass

This is how online issued ticket looked like. Ticket issued from the stations are different, it literally looked like a department store receipt.

Step 4. Train Ride and Ticket Inspection
There are three important details on your train ticket; these are the Train Number, Car Number and Seat Number. Check the LCD screens on the train station to know your platform, make sure that you are in the designated platform at least 15 minutes before the departure time and to seat on the assigned seat number. The tickets must be kept until arrival, though rarely, inspectors might come to check on tickets.

It basically goes like this; Purchase your KORAIL pass, buy your ticket using the pass then ride the train. It’s pretty simple right? Should you have questions, click this link or leave a comment below.

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9 Discussion to this post

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi, i just want know fee for seat reservation? If i have korail pass.

    • Kei says:

      Hi Amanda,
      There shouldn’t be any fee if you are reserving a seat using your Korail Pass. Unless, it is a 1st class seat.

  2. Syafiqah says:

    I followed the steps given to you by your blog.
    Thanks for the help.

    I did notice however that they double charged me for the pass and the seat reservation.
    Is that suppose to happen?
    Will i be able to ask for a refund for the double charge?

    Please advise. (:

    Thank you.

    • Kei says:

      Hi Syafiqah! Thanks for reading the blog, glad I could help.
      First, have you checked if the train is covered by the Korail Pass? (
      If it’s covered, you should not be charged when reserving a seat – because you already paid for it when you purchased the pass.

      I suggest you bring a print out off all your documentations (korail pass, the card used to purchase, and a proof that you were double charged) to the Korail booth in Seoul Station, and ask for a refund of the double charged amount.
      Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  3. Lee says:

    Hi, I’ve purchased the same 2 day flexi ticket but am facing problem reserving seats that are next to each other online. I have to make the reservation twice, each time for only 1 traveler. How do you reserve seats for both traveler at the same time in order to make sure that both of you are seated together?


    • Kei says:

      Hi Lee! Honestly, i can’t recall completely how I did it. All i remember is, when I purchased the flexi pass, I’ve chosen the ‘saver’ type (we are 2 passengers) then entered all our info. I didn’t have any trouble reserving seats, after choosing the train and timing, I was automatically issued tickets with seats next to each other.

  4. keats says:

    Hi, may I check if it is possible to change the KTX timing on the date of travel after I’ve reserved a seat under the Korail Pass?

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