We are Kei and Feb; always-bickering, coffee-loving, adventure-seeking sister duo who loves to travel.

Unlike your normal twenty-something wage earners, we do not aspire to own cars or kitchen-aids (for now). Our current aim in life is to breathe the air of new places, chase autumns, and to fill our souls with stories of our own adventures and wanderlust, while we can. (Sorry mom lol)

Again, unlike your normal twenty-somethings, we cannot just leave when the travel spirit moves us. Alas, we’re not that spontaneous. We have to save up and plan everything carefully, and meticulously.

This site is our version of a travel journal, our way to share stories (and photos!) from our travels, our travel style and few tips on preparing budgets and planning itineraries.

I’m the older sister
I colored my hair almost-red because people always mistaken Feb and me for twins.
I’m obsessed with autumn and sunset.
I write most, if not all of the articles here.
I’m annoyed with Feb 20 hours a day.
I’m my sister’s trendsetter. LOL.

I’m the youngster.
I bleached my hair because people always mistaken Kei and me for twins.
I’m obsessed with autumn and sunset too.
I want to write too, but writing doesn’t like me. I’ll try though.
I exist to annoy my sister.
She’s totally not my trendsetter.


*All photos in this site are ours unless stated otherwise.

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