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If you tell me that the word “café hopping” was created in South Korea, I would totally believe you. Their massive collection of coffee shops have set the bar so high, for when you visit the country you wouldn’t be able to avoid the café craze. With around 17,000 coffee shops to choose from in Seoul alone (source), coffee addicts and dessert junkies wont have a hard time getting their fix.

Feb and I, we prefer slow travel. As we only travel once a year, we make sure to stay in one place for a long time, we believe it’s the best way to experience the world. My favorite part of it are the lazy days, we usually allocate a day or two from our itinerary for mindless-walking and coffee-sipping-while-people-watching. Seoul is perfect for this kind of set-up because of their countless streets that are dedicated for coffee shops. I highly recommend Sinsadong’s Garosu-Gil Road.