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I need beautiful places; my soul craves them as my lungs oxygen. We fell for Seoul on the first whisk of autumn air from the airport, we fell harder on the first sight of fallen yellow ginkgo leaves on the pavements, we fell even more while walking inside secret garden, but men, when we set-foot on the Namsan hiking trail, we were a goner.

In traveling, there will always be a couple of hits and misses. You’ll unexpectedly find yourselves alone sitting in a quaint café because the one on your list is too crowded and loving it, a strike on your ‘hit-o-meter’. You’re standing on the bus stop for 20 minutes then you suddenly craved for coffee; you decided to run to the closest coffee shop to get your fix, you missed your bus but you had your coffee.

They said when you decide to travel you’re already halfway there. If you are planning a trip to Seoul, this travel guide is perfect for you. We’ve already been to South Korea twice, consecutive autumns of 2016 and 2017. Beautiful, beautiful country. Yes, we will definitely return if there’s another chance. The preparation of our first travel time took a lot more time and effort than the second. The research robbed me couple of months worth of my lunchbreaks. I’ve read blogs after blogs for recommendations of places to go and